Teaching Methodology

Many Japanese teachers of English worry about their ability to teach English as a second language if compared to that of a native English speaker. They need not worry. The ability to teach English well far outweighs the ability to speak it well.

Mrs. Ramsay runs two classes on Teaching methodology. Are you concerned about your ability to teach? Would you like be a better teacher? As a lecturer in Education Mrs Ramsay has taught many people how to teach. Let her help you. Certificates given.

The Ramsay method, a ten step programme, geared towards the novice teacher gives teachers a firm basis in how to teach English as a second language.   For those who cannot attend these courses it is possible to gain a huge insight into teaching by reading the book specially written for those who want to teach English.   Books can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. http://sbprabooks.com/maudrobertsonramsaynomiyama/

The Ramsay method Summer School for teachers will be held from 18th August until 22nd August from 9am until 2pm.   Please book in advance.


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